Customer Pay

Offer your users a free credit card acceptance experience using Customer Pay. Our newest pricing model enables you to pass the fees onto the paying customer at the time of checkout, saving your users money without effecting your revenue.

Embedded Tokenization

An integration method that enables you to keep full control over the look and feel of your checkout experience while utilizing our Javascript framework to collect sensitive card data and generate a token, keeping you outside of PCI scope.

Partner Charges

Seamlessly add your own fees to your user’s monthly SportsPay statement, creating a singular billing event for your user. Receive 100% of all fees passed through.

Inter-Merchant Transfers

Distribute funds between two or more merchant accounts using an API call. Perfect for collecting your own fees or faciliating payments to governing bodies on behalf of organizations.

Rapid Onboarding

The tool that gives you ultimate flexibility and oversight when boarding your users. Easily send users an application through an email invitation, allow users to digitally sign, track each application you’ve sent, and get your users boarded within 24 business hours.