A payment solution designed for sports organizations.

  • KSimple, rapid onboarding
  • KIntegrated with your registration system
  • KFeatures built for registrations
  • KDetailed reporting

Features built for organizations just like yours.

Guaranteed Funds

Always receive your funds on time without worrying about holds or reserves.

Online Reporting

PaymentsHQ centralizes all of your transaction activity, bank deposit and monthly statements.

Receive 100% of Registration Payment

We do not deduct any fees from your transactions making reconciliation simple. This means if someone pays a $100 registration fee, you will receive all $100 deposited into your account.

Remote Terminal

Have access 24/7 to a Remote Terminal to process any manual transactions at no additional cost.

Payment Security

Our built-in fraud monitoring protects you and your members without disrupting your operations.

Easy Management

Easily update your account information through our self-serve portal.

Where merchant accounts are made simple.

  • No Credit Checks
  • No Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Rate Increases

Rapid Onboarding.

We’ve taken the process out of onboarding.


Submit Application

Our application is short, simple and specific to sports organizations


Quick & Easy Appoval

We do all onboarding in house, making your approval process quick and easy


Accept Payments

Begin processing payments through your registration system or through PaymentsHQ

Features that you actually need.

Our exclusive experience.

 SportsPay was designed specifically for amateur sport organizations after witnessing the many headaches with traditional payment providers. This translates to an exclusive experience only we can offer.

SportsPay Experience

  • NSimple online application with no extra documentation needed. We will not ask you for years worth of financial statements.
  • NNo delays on receiving your funds. We understand your processing patterns.
  • NWe take care of any compliance requirements for you. We won't be reaching out to you to get a list of irrelevant items.
  • NYou will be dealing with experienced support representatives who understand how your organization operates.
  • NYour entire account is managed by SportsPay with no third party interference. No need to work through a maze to find out who to contact.
  • NWe already know your registration system and work closely with them.

Other Providers

  • KLong applications that are only applicable to for-profit businesses. You are treated like a merchant business with monthly limits put on your processing volume. This means that when you go over the limit, your funds will be delayed.
  • KSubject to credit checks, personal guarantees, and even having a reserve put on your funds.
  • KUpdating contact and account information is complex requiring various forms and signatures.
  • KDeposits delayed due to not understanding the payment processing patterns of your organization.
  • KWill contact your members directly without your knowledge to inquire about transactions they deem suspicious.
  • KSupport agents with no rapport and who do not have the knowledge of how your organization operates.

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Why should I choose SportsPay?

Yes, we have great rates, vast experience, and a great solution that works. But above all that, it is our customer service that will makes us the first round draft pick every single time.

We’ve created SportsPay exclusively for sports organizations and have built our services with you in mind. We are dedicated and care about building long-term relationships with the organizations we work with. Our passion and commitment to you is what makes us the right fit for your organization.

Not only do we work directly with you for support, we also work hand in hand with your registration system to quickly resolve any issues.


Are you integrated with my registration system?

Please contact us to find out. If we aren’t, we certainly can!

What's the sign up process?

Signing up is quick and simple. We don’t even consider it a process. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete and the only documentation we ask you to submit is a copy of a Void Check.

Most accounts are setup within a few business days.

Contact us today to sign up!

What type of reporting is available?

We offer comprehensive reporting that includes access to transactions, settlements, statements, the ability to search by various methods, refunds and manual transactions.

Take the load off your treasurer and simplify your reconciliation.

What’s your sport?

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