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  • PMulti-layered approach
  • PCertified & accredited
  • PAutomated & manual approach


A solution built secure

SportsPay was built by a team of industry experts who have been at the forefront of payments innovation for over three decades. The result of that continual innovation is our leading payment gateway which is powered by the most secure and unique technologies available.


Certified secure & compliant

Through partnering with SportsPay, you don’t need to worry about complying and staying compliant with the ever-changing payment industry regulations, because we do it for you.
Our team works to maintain strict security standards, undergoing regular audits and testing to maintain the highest level of compliance in the industry.

What does this all mean?

To put it simply, we’ve prioritized security for our customers and their end-users. We meet all regulatory requirements and maintain a compliant certification.

When a customer inputs their credit card information to make a payment, their credit card information needs to pass through the internet in order to get processed. We’ve secured this ‘pathway’ that it travels through with a multi-layered approach. This multi-layered approach includes using a type of encryption called tokenization. Tokenization is where all the sensitive credit card information and data is reassigned random alphanumeric digits, so if the pathway is breached, the breacher couldn’t interpret or understand the sensitive credit card infromation and data.

We’ve also secured the perimeter around our pathway so any outside threats trying to breach won’t even be able to reach the pathway. Our pathway also has different security checkpoints where information passing through is flagged if something doesn’t make sense. For example, if two identical transactions are processed one right after the other, the pathway will stop the second one from travelling through. This would prevent any duplicate transactions processed erroneously.

  • PFraud protection
  • PCredit card data tokenization
  • PSecure sockets layers
  • PFraud detection
  • PPredictive fraud analysis
  • PLocalized, secure servers

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