Pick Your Pricing – You have Options!

Lowest Cost Option – 1.5%

Flat Rate All Cards – 2.0%

Customer Pay – No Fees

  • Simple Same Day Rapid Onboarding
  • Seamless Integration with HCR
  • Lowest Processing Rates Available
  • Support from Live Agents in Canada
  • Switch Billing Models at Anytime
  • No Monthly Fees if No Activity
  • Full Amount of Funds Deposited
  • A Payments Solution For Sports

Price Breakdowns.

Lowest Cost Option

Base rate + per transaction fee with a small increase for premium, business and foreign cards

The Lowest Cost model has four components to the transaction cost:

  1. Base rate: The minimum rate that all transactions will be charged
    – Consumer Cards: classic, gold, travel, platinum, debit, cash back, pre-paid/gift card
    1. Premium Card Uplifts: A markup to the base rate that applies to transactions with premium, business and foreign cards where the card fee is higher (these are fixed tiers & newly reduced!)
      – Premium Cards: Visa Initiate, M/C world elite, all business & foreign
      1. Additional fees:
        – Authorization fee ($0.10): includes approvals and declines transactions
        – Refund (0.10): each refund, no % cost included
        – Card brand fee (0.15%): Visa and Mastercard network fee that is only applied to sales


        Flat Rate for All Cards

        All Canadian card types charged at the same rate

        1. Rate: All Canadian cards charged at 2.00% + $0.10 for sales
        2. Additional fees:
          – Refund (0.10): each refund (no % cost included)
          – Card brand fee (0.15%): Visa and Mastercard network fee that is only applied to sales


        Customer Pay

        League passes the transaction fees to the cardholder

        Customer Pay model has two components:

        1. Customer Rate: 2.9% + 0.30 / transaction
          – Fee is show at time of checkout for parent
          1. League Rate: 2.0% + 0.10 / transaction
            – This only applies to refunds and manual transactions


          • Only the registration amount is deposited to leagues bank account not the fees, no need to deposit and debit fees
          • Most importantly we are Visa/MC compliant

          Features that you actually need.


          Why should I choose SportsPay?

          Yes, we have low rates, vast experience, and a great solution that works. But above all that, it is our customer service that will makes us the first round draft pick every single time.

          We’ve created SportsPay exclusively for sports organizations and have built our services with you in mind. We are dedicated and care about building long-term relationships with the organizations we work with. Our passion and commitment to you is what makes us the team perfect for your organization.

          Questions? We don’t have a sales department – just team members that care about Canadian sports. Please e-mail us or give us a call. Our team members are available to have a chat, answer your questions, and point you in the right direction.


          What are the monthly fees?

          Monthly fees include transaction fees and a $5 account fee. No compliance fees or ‘software’ fees. This monthly fee gives you access to all of our tools such as reporting and not to mention full access to the greatest customer service team.


          What's the sign up process?

          Signing up is quick and simple. We don’t even consider it a process because it’s same day activation!

          Simply complete the online application (takes less than 10 minutes to complete) and that’s it! We do the rest. The only documentation we ask you to submit is a copy of a Void Cheque.


          Is there any term associated with your services?

          Nope! We do not have any terms or cancellation fees. You can use our services month-to-month.

          What is a Chargeback?

          A chargeback is when a parent disputes the transaction with their bank to get the funds back. If this occurs there is a fee of $50, but we will notify you and help you along the way!

          Is the NSF fee every time a card is declined?

          No! The NSF fee is regarding the leagues bank account, not the individual card holders. If the leagues bank does not have the funds available for the monthly statement fees, there would be an NSF fee applied.

          When do we get our funds?

          Funding is run once a week on Tuesday for the previous weeks transactions and you will receive the weekly funds by Wednesday.

          Is there reporting?

          Yes, we have a fully functional reporting website called PaymentsHQ. You can view, search, refund and process manual transactions, update your leagues information & more!