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No more manual reconciliation, matching eTransfers to registrations

Automated reconciliation of payments to players

Stop chasing down payments

Enable parents to register and pay simultaneously

Remove the requirement to pay upfront or with available funds

Give parents flexibility to pay in installments or by credit card


Easy to use, Easy to save

SportsPay is much easier than other payment providers and at a fraction of the cost. Amateur sports is all we do, bringing convenience and savings to organizations like yours.

We are 100% Canadian

We are the only Canadian processor for Hockey Canada, proudly servicing Hockey Canada Members since 1999. Keep your funds local and get support from a local team that understands your operations.

Same-day Setup

Our Rapid Onboarding has you setup and ready to begin accepting payments same day. Our simple, application takes 10 minutes to complete and only requires a Void Cheque.

Lowest Rates,Guaranteed.


Only incur fees when there is transaction activity. Pay absolutely no fees during your off-season.

Features beyond HCR.

Unparalleled Support

Our experienced, Canadian-based team is available via phone and email to provide you with ongoing support. Access our online Help Articles to answer your questions.

Export Reports

Export your transactions to a CSV file by simply clicking a button, making reconciliation with third-party accounting programs that much easier.

Detailed Search Features

Search through your transactions using various fields including card number, player name, invoice or registration number, and more.

Receive 100% of your funds

Receive 100% of the funds you process making reconciliation straight forward. We will never remove any of the fees from your payments.

Web-based terminal

Gain access to our online, web-based terminal to process any manual transactions straight from your web browser at no additional cost.

Send Payment Requests

Easily collect miscellaneous fees such as donations or clinic registrations by sending out an e-mail to collect a payment or sharing a link on your website.


Benefits of online registration.

  • PGain access to all of SportsPay's feature at no additional cost such as collecting donations through email
  • PSportsPay and HCR have integrated reporting, making reconciliation straightforward and error-free
  • PLeverage automatic installment payments, making registration more affordable without adding any administrative burden
  • PMultiple user logins, making collaboration with administrators much simpler than manual processes
  • PGive members the convenience of being able to pay with their credit card at the time of registration
  • PHave the flexibility to easily pass credit card fees onto the customer

Where merchant accounts are made simple.

  • No Credit Checks
  • No Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Rate Increases


Submit Application

Our application is short, simple and specific to minor hockey, requiring only a Void Cheque.


Quick & Easy Appoval

We do all onboarding in house, making your approval process quick, easy and seamless.


Accept Payments

Begin processing payments through HCR and using all the functionalities in PaymentsHQ

See why SportsPay is the largest merchant account provider for Minor Hockey Associations

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