Get Paid with PayMe’s

Create a link to collect online payments
in minutes.

  • Easy, low-effort way to collect payments
  • Create in minutes with a few clicks
  • No website or technical skills needed
  • Also works with your registration system

How it Works.


Creating your page is as simple as a few clicks. PayMe’s offer customizable options such as displaying or collecting information from the customer. Once you finish creating your PayMe, it will be assigned a unique link.


Paste or embed the link anywhere. The same payment link can be shared with many customers and used across multiple channels. Or, use your organization’s unique landing page link.


.Your customers will be led to the unique payment page where they will be prompted to input their credit card information as well any other required fields. Log into PaymentsHQ to view and export detailed payment reports

A payment solution that does it all.

Fast, simple setup

Create a PayMe in seconds. Once a link is created, you can reuse it – perfect forstandard offerings you always charge for.

Share through multiple channels

Your PayMe link will never change. Share each link on your website. Your league is allso given a unique URL that will display all of your PayMe’s – your very own landing page. Simply share the link of your landing page with your customers and they will be able to search for the one they are looking for.

Simplified checkout experience

The PayMe link brings your customer straight to the checkout page where they can easily pay using their credit or debit card without having to signup for an account.

Built-in tools

Each PayMe has built-in tracking and reporting. See which customers have paid and export reports to CSV. Easily refund transactions through a click of a button.

Customizable options

Modify your PayMe for your exact needs by adding custom fields with the option to make it required. Set a maximum number of payments accepted before the PayMe automatically closes. Put a start and end date. Have the option for accepting customer-entered amounts – great for donations!

Take payments for anything

Collect fees for traveling expenses, uniforms, clinics and team pictures. Sell end-of-year gala tickets, raise funds for new equipment, or accept donations. The possibilities are endless…

dues donations uniform costs travelling expenses membership fees

Easier payments for you and your customers.

Easy money collection

Allow the payments to come to you. No more chasing down cheques. Give your customers the convenience of paying by credit card.

Automated refunds

Issue full or partial refunds through a click of button. Expired card? Simply send an automated email to have the customer update their credit card.


Simplified reconciliation

Easily keep track of who is paid up and who is not. Centralized, automated reporting allows the sharing of duties. Direct deposits get you paid faster.

Where accepting payments is made simple.

  • No Credit Checks
  • No Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Rate Increases


Submit Application

Our application is short, simple and specific to amateur sports, requiring only a Void Cheque.


Quick & Easy Appoval

We do all onboarding in house, making your approval process quick, easy and seamless. 


Accept Payments

Begin accepting payments through your registration system and using all of the included functionalities in PaymentsHQ such as PayMe’s.


Who We Are.

SportsPay provides online credit card acceptance exclusively to Amateur Sport Organizations – the only payment provider of its kind.

Our friendly, sports-oriented approach combined with unique, easy to use tools make collecting payments quick and easy!

We are Canadian owned and operated and have proudly served the Canadian amateur sports community for over 20 years.


Simplify your operations, risk-free.